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spawnpoint-master-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 3/05/2012

Battlefield 3, Mass Effect, Dragon Age | SpawnPoint 01


This is SpawnPoint.

What is SpawnPoint you ask? It's a show about EA fandom, just watch we'll make it up as we go along...

Coming up, we'll be gawping like slack jawed yokels at some of the videos you've been stunning us with this week, getting our groove on with Commander Shepard and seeing what happens when the deadly worlds of video games and tattoo parlours collide...

Battlecraft 3 My Life Trailer from avemagnadude [YouTube]

avemagnadude Channel [YouTube]

Mass Effect Garrus Fan Art by Ornia [deviantART]

Mass Effect Shepard Fan Art by LasloLF [deviantART]

Dragon Age: Origins Fan Art by Isriana [deviantART]

Mass Effect Mordin cosplay by Reith [deviantART] [Facebook]

Photographed by IndisVeniant [deviantART]

Mass Effect 3 Song! Parody of Breathe Carolina "Blackout" by ScreenTeamShow [YouTube]

ScreenTeamShow Channel [YouTube]

Mass Effect Tattoo on TheKimora []

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