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bootcamp-alley.png POSTED BY EA News ON 1/10/2013

C4, Claymores and All Kit Weapons: Support Class Tips | Battlefield Bootcamp

Welcome to Battlefield Bootcamp, a refresher course for Battlefield 3 players both old and new. Every week Jonno Stanton is joined by Battlefield 3 experts to discuss some of the best ways to play as a team and achieve objectives, whether playing as infantry, in vehicles on the ground or in the air. This week, Addison Smith shares his views on the support class.

Consider the pros and cons of the standard LMG weapons that come with the support kit. If agility is essential then consider switching the LMG for one of the lighter all-kit weapons, though also note the versatility and clip size of LMG's which can be invaluable in intense situations.

Regardless of weapon choice, the main benefit of the support class is the kit that is available. Two C4 parcels can disable a tank with a third able to destroy it, though getting to and from the tank can be tricky. Keep close to cover when planting C4 to prevent the tank from catching you off-guard whilst making sure you are a safe distance away from the vehicle before detonating. Be creative with C4; cover M-COM stations, drop them from a high vantage point or even use a spawn beacon to surprise enemy squads.

Don't forget to assist your team by dropping ammo at every opportunity, making sure to aid those with symbols next above their heads and next to their name. These indicate a need for ammo, with flashing symbols indicating a teammate has requested ammo. Finally, make sure to implement claymores at choke points and other key locations to keep the advantage and even grab a cheeky kill or two.

Join us next time as special guest Jack Frags talks us through the Battlefield 4 Beta as he plays Conquest mode.


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