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bootcamp-01-news.png POSTED BY EA News ON 18/07/2013

Controlling Helicopters In Battlefield 3 | Battlefield Bootcamp

Welcome to Battlefield Bootcamp, a refresher course for Battlefield 3 players both old and new. Every week Jonno Stanton is joined by Battlefield 3 experts to discuss some of the best ways to play as a team and achieve objectives, whether playing as infantry, in vehicles on the ground or in the air. This week Toby Connolly talks about the basics of controlling helicopters.

All helicopters handle differently, so a good place to practice flying them is in the co-op mission Fire From The Sky. This way, you can get used to the controls without the threat from other real life players shooting you down.

Use gentle movements on the control sticks to control your pitch, yaw and height. Click RS to move into a third-person view to see how your controls effect the helicopter in relation to the horizon.

More agile attack helicopters need even lighter touches on the controls. If you feel like you are losing control, let go of the sticks, switch into third-person view and assess which way your helicopter is moving, then (gently) adjust accordingly.

Join Jonno and Toby next week for tips on arming and destroying MCOM stations.


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