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the-bunker-news.png POSTED BY EA News ON 17/07/2013

Effective Firing, Support Class and All Kit Weapons | Battlefield 3 Tips: The Bunker

Hello and welcome to the first entry in The Bunker; a new blog covering tips, tricks and other developments in the UK Battlefield community. Whether you’re a Battlefield beginner or a grizzled veteran, we’re here to keep you up to date on the latest tactics employed by UK Battlefield experts, and answer your questions on how to get the best out of the game. With new players joining the already the 100,000+ people across platforms on Battlefield 3, any advantage gained will keep you alive longer and help you keep playing the objective.

To kick things off, we spoke to player Toby Connolly about what he’s been seeing in the game recently, and even how advanced players can tweak their game to stay competitive and get an edge.

Beginners’ Tips: Effective Firing

'When it comes to shooting, you can tell a novice Battlefield player quite easily, because they tend to hold down the trigger and point in the general direction of the enemy,' warns Toby.

'The recoil in BF3 is a lot more realistic than it is in other games, so it really pays to tap the trigger, rather than hold it down full-auto. If you shoot a couple of rounds and then repeat the process, that will control the recoil and therefore allow you to hit targets at a much longer range.'

Support Class
As the unit who resupplies other players in Battlefield 3, the support soldier plays an important role. However, they may not always be as nimble as they need to be, at least according to Toby. 'I see a lot of support players running around and setting up in a position somewhere with their bipods down,' he says. 'They don’t tend to move around with the squads as much. They’re more likely to be holding down a defensive area with the bipod down, which is great - it’s effective, but it stops them being up with the squads and actually being able to put ammo out for people as effectively.'

Next time you play as support class, try switching out one of the Light Machine Guns for one of the All Kit Weapons like a shotgun, or a Personal Defense Weapon like the AS Val which allows you to keep up with the squad. Ideally, you want a submachine gun that you can run around with that is still as accurate, but is more useful for close quarters combat and not for setting up in a position somewhere.

All Kit Weapons
Another tip for people who don’t get on with the big, heavy machine guns is to try out one of the All Kit Weapons. Also, switching out the bipod for the foregrip on the Light Machine Guns and making sure you’ve got a decent sight can help get your kill/death ratio up. The best LMGs to use, at least according to Toby, are the M249 SAW, the M60, or the L86A2. Their recoil is a lot more controllable, they do a fair bit of damage, and if you can unlock a bipod or foregrip for these weapons, you’ll be laughing all the way to your Battlelog profile.

And finally...
Thanks for reading this first entry on the Battlefield blog, we hope you enjoyed it. We’ll be back again next week with more tips, but if you have any questions that you want putting to one of our experts, please leave them in the comments below.


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