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Battlefield 4 | Second Assault, New vehicles, Weapons and Maps | FTW November 2013

Battlefield 4 executive producer Patrick Bach discusses Second Assault, new vehicles, weapons and fan-favourite maps including Gulf of Oman, Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border and Operation Metro.

Levolution events will be added to these map favourites, with familiar surroundings changing dramatically. The capabilities of the next gen consoles mean that these maps will be treated to graphical enhancements, whilst the Frostbite 3 engine provides an immersive experience. The new BF4 games modes will be available for these maps, with Capture the Flag also making a return from the BF3 End Game expansion pack.

Matt Cuttle: Patrick, Second Assault is part of Battlefield 4 Premium, but what exactly is it?
Patrick Bach: It's an expansion pack for Battlefield 4 and like all expansion packs it contains maps and new weapons and vehicles or course. The maps that we're adding are fan-favourite from Battlefield 3. We're adding Gulf of Oman, Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border and Operation Metro, and they've all been treated with the Levolution concept that we're adding for Battlefield 4, so they will all have the big epic events, but also the smaller things where you can turn things on and off and you can alter and change the maps as you play.

MC: So you can interact with the environment, but it's safe to say that these maps are going to change substantially during the game aren't they?
Yes absolutely, that's one of the themes you have for Battlefield 4 - that you have truly dynamic maps.

MC: This being Battlefield 4, it's going to be on current-gen and next-gen, are they also getting a lick of paint and remodelled in FGrostbite 3 as well?
Of course, they get the full treatment where we actually use the original maps as starting points abd then remodel them.

MC: Are we going to have the new armies fighting in these maps? So the Chinese Army as well?
Of course, and you will also have the new modes and one thing is part of the expansion pack is the new game mode which is Capture The Flag.

MC:So similar to Back To Karkand and these are maps that have been fan-favourites and they've been built from the ground up to please fans of the brand new game
Yes, we wanted to use the power of the Fostbite 3 engine, we also wanted to use the whole Levolution concept on top of that. It's fan-favourites you will recognise, but they will feel very very different.

MC:So new vehicles, new weapons and new gadgets. It sounds like these are maps we know, but maybe we're not going to know them as well as we do...
No...You will recognise them and you might think you know them but they will be quite different.


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