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commander.png POSTED BY EA News ON 24/01/2014

Battlefield 4 | Commander Mode For Xbox One | Battlefield Bootcamp

Jonno Stanton (Paragon N7) demonstrates Commander Mode in Battlefield 4 on Xbox One.

You can play as a Commander once you reach Level 10, and can then command, supply and help out your troops on the ground using a number of features. Deploy Scan UAVs and scan for infantry and vehicles so your soldiers can see enemies on their mini maps or deploy EMP UAVs to disrupt an enemy's Scan UAV.

Finally, Jonno shows us the RPK-12 LMG with Stubby Grip, Magnifier [2X] and PKA-S [1X] equipped. It's a personal favourite of Jonno's because it has a great suppressing ability, the accuracy of an assault rifle and a clip that's around twice the size.

Order troops to attack and defend specific objectives or take down a high value target. Drop supplies and vehicles in strategic places for your troops to utilise, send in a cruise missile to devastate an area and more.


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