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weapon-02.png POSTED BY EA News ON 10/01/2014

Battlefield 4 | Top Weapon Loadouts | Battlefield Bootcamp

Jonno Stanton (Paragon N7) talks through some of his favourite weapon loadouts in Battlefield 4.

Jonno is playing Conquest Mode in Rogue Transmission, using the SAR-21 with Stubby Grip, Laser Sight and Coyote [RDS] equipped. The SAR-21 has the highest stability rating which means low recoil and high accuracy. Set the gun to auto and feather the right trigger to simulate burst fire for accuracy at long range.

On Zavod 311 in Conquest, Jonno is using the AK 5C Carbine with Stubby Grip, Suppressor and Reflex [RDS] equipped. The suppressor hides you on the mini map when you fire and lowers the volume of your fire.

Finally, Jonno shows us the RPK-12 LMG with Stubby Grip, Magnifier [2X] and PKA-S [1X] equipped. It's a personal favourite of Jonno's because it has a great suppressing ability, the accuracy of an assault rifle and a clip that's around twice the size.

Join Jonno next time as he gives some hints and tips for Amphibious Assault.


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