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hardline-12-minutes.png POSTED BY EA News ON 14/08/2014

Battlefield Hardline: 12 Minutes Singleplayer Gameplay | Gamescom 2014

Today, Battlefield fans around the world got a deeper look into the complete package Visceral Games is delivering with Battlefield Hardline. In a newly released 12 minute demo, shot entirely in-game, you’ll experience Battlefield Hardline’s unique style of storytelling, taking inspiration from the most popular TV crime dramas.

The 12 minute demo is narrated by Ian Milham, Creative Director at Visceral Games. Learn about the multiple choices in play style you have when approaching a challenging situation. Use stealth or go in guns blazing? Your call.

You’ll also see hi-tech gadgets like the Scanner in action, and learn the benefits of taking down high value targets.


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    Visit the official Battlefield Hardline website to learn more about the game.