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spawnpoint-master-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 21/05/2012

Battlefield, SSX, Crysis, Need for Speed, Dragon Age, Alice, Mass Effect | SpawnPoint 04


Julia Hardy brings us the latest SpawnPoint. The show where we show you stuff that we've seen this week that we thought was good.

Battlefield 3: Epic Battlefield Moments by CelebornLegend [YouTube]

Battlefield 3: Catch the Moment by robin00795 [YouTube]

SSX: The Big Wachowski 210.3 Million by yako591 [YouTube]

SSX Mac by theLastSamu [deviantART]

Maximum Hunt by Diam0nt [devaintART]

Crysis Blend by FernandoReyesIV [deviantART]

Need For Speed Underground 3 Wallpaper by natacartiel [deviantART]

Need for Speed The Run ROG Wallpaper by Famous1994 [deviantART]

Mass Effect painting - Illusive Man by chris-straver [Tumblr]

Mordin the Great Marine Biologist by uriska [deviantART]

Dragon Age Cosplay - Hawke by Aicosu [deviantART]

Alice Madness Returns Cosplay - Roses by thecrystalshoe [deviantART]

Blasto - The Hanar Spectre by kootra [YouTube | YouTube]

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