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bf4-customisation.png POSTED BY EA News ON 4/10/2013

Battlefield 4 | Levolution, Flood Zone and Combat Hotspots | FTW September 2013

JackFrags talks about the beta and his experience with Conquest on the brand new Siege of Shanghai map.

Siege of Shanghai is one of many new maps that demonstrate some of the new features that Battlefield 4 has to offer. Players can now swim underwater to evade enemy fire and even wield a secondary weapon to fight back with.

A whole host of new weapons are available, including the XM-25 for the support class which can be effective against both infantry and vehicles. Battle Pickups bring more powerful weapons into the fray such as the 50 Cal sniper. Ammo cannot be replenished for this artillery and they need to be found on the map, but they are extremely powerful and therefore provide a great way to rack up kills.

Another handy feature is the ability to peek over and around cover. Instead of hiding behind buildings, players can now crouch behind low cover and peer just over the top to get a shot at enemies whilst not becoming a large and inviting target.

The map features a breath-taking Levolution moment in which a skyscraper falls into the water. The dynamic of the map then changes entirely, with the flag moving from the top of the skyscraper to an island of rubble. However, this is not a scripted event and therefore needs to be triggered by destroying the tower's support pillars with explosives.

Next time on Battlefield Boot Camp, JackFrags will take another look at Siege of Shanghai whilst playing Domination mode.


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