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bf4-customisation.png POSTED BY EA News ON 1/10/2013

Battlefield 4 | Levolution, Flood Zone and Combat Hotspots | FTW September 2013

Matt Cuttle speaks with the lead MP designer for Battlefield 4, Thomas Andersson, to see the DICE level editor first hand and get exclusive info on the Levolution of a brand new map - Flood Zone.

The level editor shows the amount of detail and work that goes into each map. Combat hotspots have been recognised and the level design is suited accordingly. Each game mode is also carefully considered when it comes to placing objects such as vehicles and M-COMs.

In this new map, level design is based around the Levolution event. Dry narrow streets are ideal for land-based combat vehicles until the Levolution occurs and a nearby levee breaks, flooding the map.

The entire dynamic of the game changes, with a team overwhelmed on street level suddenly provided with a chance to mount a comeback. Land vehicles are no longer an option and only a select number of amphibious vehicles will be available. The battle is taken to the rooftops!


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