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c-and-c-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 28/03/2013

Command & Conquer | Factions: Base Units and Structures | PWNED March 2013


Sian Welby chats to Tim Morten who explains how each faction has its own base units and structures that comprise it, but the idea behind the generals is to customise those even further.

For instance the laser general grants a faction laser tanks and turrets, whilst other generals specialise in toxin, stealth, or tanks. The toxin general is more about causing damage over an area and over time, whilst lasers by contrast will have more potency in direct head to head combat. The stealth general, on the other hand, focuses on getting the player behind enemy lines.

As Command & Conquer grows, their aim is to cultivate ever-expanding ranks of generals, each offering a new, specific type of gameplay with the potential to appeal to many different types of gamers, and Tim is hoping that this will invite new players to enjoy the game in the future. His favourite aspect of the game so far is the Asia Pacific faction, which has the ability to build an incredible number of infantry units along with some very powerful tanks. The great thing about this Command & Conquer is that it’s constantly expanding – at launch they’ll have more than a dozen generals available, but over time there could be hundreds to choose from.

Starting with the Generals universe, the plan is to add factions over time, and then revisit past Command & Conquer universes like the Red Alert and the Tiberian universe, with the possibility of exploring brand new fictions after that.