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ftw-news-cc.png POSTED BY EA SPORTS News ON 11/09/2013

Command & Conquer | Factions, Vehicles and Campaign Gameplay | FTW September 2013

As far as we're concerned it's that daddy of real-time strategy. Show some respect, Command & Conquer is back!

Matt Littler and Darren Jeffries chat to development director Tim Morten at gamescom 2013 about the all new Command & Conquer.

Picking up ten years from the prior instalment, fans of the series will be happy to see several recognisable factions return in the Global Liberation Army, the Asian Pacific Alliance (the broader version of the Chinese faction) and the US faction who have been substituted for the European Union. Future updates will also see returns to the Tiberium and Red Alert universe, with a campaign mode returning the following year.

Command & Conquer features a mix of features both old and new. New and modified units are present, yet old favourites such as the Overlord Tanks will make another appearance. Single player skirmishes are still available with the added inclusion of the new Frostbite 3 engine which will enhance graphics, physics and even provide benefits to tasks related to networking.

There's been numerous Command & Conquer games, too many to name here, but there's been many different Factions
as well within those games. Which Factions are we concentrating on in the new Command & Conquer? This game picks up ten years after the last Generals, so it's still got the same Terrorist Faction - The Global Liberation Army, the European Union is taking over from where the US Faction was in the last Generals and then the Asia Pacific Alliance is a broader version of the China Faction. In the future we're going to go back to the Tiberium Universe and the Red Alert Universe.

That's really exciting, are we going to see Nod?
I would expect that we'll still see GDI but we haven't written the story yet.

Which features have carried over on from previous titles?
It's about a third of the same Units, a third modified versions and a third brand new. If you were a fan for example of the Overlord Tank, we still have Overlord Tanks in this game but we've also a lot of new vehicles.

Let's talk single player on the new game. What can we expect that's different? What's changed?
We still support skirmishes against the AI, we'll have those at launch and we announced at gamescom that in 2014 we're bringing back Campaign gameplay. These will be dynamic in that they release constantly over time so there isn't just one campaign like the last games, it'll constantly be growing.

Frostbite 3. That's a massive tool for you to use. How does it enable you to make the universe more dynamic?
Obviously the first thing is just graphics, the next thing is physics, so the dynamic destruction of buildings is incredibly detailed. Before we used to play a canned animation. Now it's actually were your shots hit blow holes in the buildings and the whole building crumbles. The last thing is the networking, which means head and shoulders above previous Command & Conquers.