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crisis-3-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 28/02/2013

Crysis 3: Performance Capture | PWNED February 2013


Learn about Crysis 3's new full performance motion capture process for the latest instalment in the Crysis franchise.

Director Steve Bender and Operations Director Phil Stilgoe reveal how they used performance capture - the latest way of combining motion capture, facial capture and audio capture simultaneously to enhance the visual and gaming quality of Crysis 3.

Actors cast not only had to look like Prophet, Michael 'Psycho' Sykes, Rasch or Claire but also had to sound and move like them too. Shot on a performance area with 40 interspaced cameras set up on a rig, all cast wore motion capture suits with bright colours for reference points, and head cameras to capture all facial movement and individual subtle nuances.

The developers of Crysis 3 want to keep you behind the eyes of the main character, Prophet, at all times. Every scene is framed with a first person camera, keeping you constantly involved in the action making the interaction between the game and the audience a unique experience.

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