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dead_space_3_news_header_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 6/06/2012

Dead Space Returns With Co-Op And More In Dead Space 3


Dead Space 3 is coming and Isaac Clarke’s life isn’t looking any less gruesome.

Dead Space 3 finds Isaac stranded on Tau Volantis, a hostile planet rimed with ice and infested with a new, more powerful breed of necromorph. Here, you’ll fight against subzero temperatures, omnipresent danger, and the maddening desolation of Tau’s snowbound landscapes. But you don’t have to fight alone.

For the first time in Dead Space history, you’ll be able to team up against the terror. Drop in or drop out of the game at will using a fully-integrated co-op system where Isaac is joined by Earthgov Sergeant John Carver.

“For fans that love playing alone in the dark, they can still have the classic Dead Space experience that makes the franchise so unique,” says Steve Papoutsis, Vice President of Visceral Games. “Likewise, players that want to share that immersive and intense experience with a friend now have that option thanks to the addition of co-op.”

Dead Space 3 will launch (rather appropriately) in the dead of winter: February 2013.

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