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Dead Space 3 - Your Favourite Ways To Die


Level Designer Warren Price from the Dev Team gives fans an insider look at Dead Space 3.

Asking a designer to pick his favourite way to kill Isaac and Carver is like asking a mother to pick her favourite child. Some say it is impossible. With, we came up with a plethora of new ways for Isaac and now Carver to meet their gruesome end.

But since you’re twisting my arm, I’m going to go with the Waster execution as my new favourite for Dead Space 3. The Wasters are a new type of necromorph that pack several nasty surprises. While they may initially seem human, looks can certainly be deceiving in the Dead Space universe. Dismembering certain parts of their bodies can trigger horrifying necrotic mutations.

What is most compelling about this moment is that you see the terror through the eyes of Isaac or Carver. We go into a first person perspective where you can get a really powerful close up of the Waster swinging his axes down over and over to finish the job. It really captivates the brutality of the animation and sends shivers down my spine every time...

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