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Recreating The Atmosphere Of the World's Greatest Football Tournament

How do you recreate the stadium atmosphere of football’s most prestigious tournament? In the latest episode of For The Win Matt Prior explains how this was achieved for EA SPORTS™ 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

All twelve of the official stadiums are included in EA SPORTS™ 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, alongside the official ball and country kits. The 3D crowd provide the party atmosphere you would expect from a South American game, whilst the crowd outside the stadium gives the impression that you are a part of something that it is being viewed from all around the globe.

The background audio has been recorded directly from South American matches, which means that the authentic experience is present with a new and polished soundtrack to go with it. This atmosphere and Brazilian presence also appear in the menus, with the interface revitalised and redesigned to not only be more appealing, but to also be easier to navigate.

Matt Cuttle: Matt, the FIFA World Cup is in Brazil this year, it's the home of flare football, so how are you recreating that in the game?
Matt Prior:
It is so that has been a huge part of the process for creating this game - capturing that atmosphere. The World Cup's an amazing event, so in term's of atmosphere we've got all the twelve stadiums which we also have externally so you get nice fly-in's to really build up that sense of occasion and atmosphere. We have the full 3D crowd in there so you'll see them react to what's going on on the pitch, so really live through the crowd with a level of emoption that we've never ever achieved before. One of the great things we've done this time around, we've captured fans not just inside the stadium but also outside. So as we know, it's not just about the people that are there - the whole world is watching, and we've really captured that with the Fan Zone. So we've created Fan Zone's for all the countries, so that during the game it will cut back to Trafalgar Square, or Copacabana Beach, or outside the Colosseum and you'll see the fans standing there watching the game on the big screen and their reaction(s) to that.

MC: So when it comes to researching the stadiums or the places they're playing in Brazil did you all take an extended holiday out there?
I'd love to say that we did, but we didn't. Obviously we worked closely with FIFA and we sent photographers down there and one of the challenges of this, is a lot of the stadiums haven't been built while we're busy building the game. So we work off architectural blueprints, computer models, videos and that kind of stuff, and the reason we want to do the external geometry is because they have so much character on the outside. When you're in the gameplay looking at the field you're limited to what you can see just by virtue of playing the game, so we really want to capture what the stadiums look like outside of that.

MC: So moving on from the stadiums, of course you've got the music, how have you gone about recreating that?
In a number of ways. We actually went out and recorded Brazilian crowds in Brazil so you get that authentic Brazilian feel, so you have a little bit of a Samba beat going on and in the background you have what football matches actually sound like so it's fully authentic. on the music side of things, we've got an expansion soundtrack and a lot of that has Brazilian and South Amercian influences. It's got world influence actually, as we wanted to get an eclectic mix of music that captures what the World Cup is all about, and that's a global feel, but obviously with an emphasis on the Brazilian side of things.

MC: So that's how you're recreating the atmosphere of the actual games, but what about the game itself in terms of the menu's and the front-end?
One thing we've done is we've really gone to town on the front-end. When you boot up the game you'll really see the Brazilian flavour come through in the menu's and all the rest of it. Brazil fortunately is something that has a real identity, so it's kind of not too hard to capture that essence. So heat, flare, passion and buzz words you associate with Brazil are all part of the things we've fed into the front-end. So you'll see a very unique and distinct look. We've done a great job - even if I do say so myself of creating the kind of flavour of Brazil in the front-end and you'll certainly notice that when you boot the game up.

MC: Great, we're goint ot feel that party atmosphere are we?
Absolutely, it's all about partying. You know, they throw the world's biggest party annually in the Rio Carnival and Brazil is going to be the best place in the world.


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