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Yogify_Blog_Banner.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS News ON 16/04/2013

EA SPORTS Yogify | Simplify Your Yoga Practice | PWNED April 2013


Yogify producer Jen Riley talks to Stephanie Prentice about the new Yogify iOS app for iPhone and iPad, available at the App Store right now.

Start your journey with free sample classes featuring fast-paced, energetic workouts that link powerful poses in succession to empower the body and mind. Yogify has three levels to make it both accessible to beginners and challenging for even experienced yogis. Master more than 275 unique poses from the comfort of your own home.

Yogify is a free yoga app offering five studio-quality classes available when you download. Start off with one 15-minute and one 30-minute Level 1 class that will teach you the building blocks of Flow Yoga: Sun Salutations and Warrior Series, respectively. Both classes are accessible to new yogis but are also valuable for those with experience. Additionally, there is one 45-minute flow class in Levels 1-3 which shows off this style of yoga.