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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 4/02/2013

FIFA 13 Tactical Tips - Create A Custom Set-Piece Corner


This week Darren Cross from Match Magazine talks us through creating a custom set-piece corner. Custom set-pieces are a great way of setting up a planned attack in advance and can be saved for use during a game. Go to the Arena and press the Back button to access the practice arena menu.

Select 'custom set-piece'. For a corner, select a region close to either corner flag, then select 'create new set-piece'. Select the player you wish to move using the right stick, then move the player highlighted with the red cursor into position. Hit record and then move the player where you wish them to run with the left stick.

A run path shows the route they will take. Repeat with other players until you are happy with everybody's movement. You can now test their runs by taking a corner and tweak player movement until you are happy. Save your custom corner into one of the four d-pad slots and use it in-game by pressing up on the d-pad when standing at the corner flag.

Join us on The Boot Room next week for more shooting tips.

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