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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 3/12/2012

FIFA 13 Tactical Tips - First Touch Control


This week Matt Cuttle and Darren Cross look at FIFA 13's new First Touch Control and how it effects the way you play the game. First Touch Control is new to FIFA 13 and adds an element of unpredictability to the game. If it's raining, a pass is played long or too fast or a player isn't in an ideal position, the ball could skip up or be lost by the receiving player so you'll need to think about how and when to play that killer pass.

Tips this week include:

Be Realistic
Don't attempt skill moves with players who can't perform them. For example, using the fake shot move to fool an opponent should only be tried with more skilful players in higher leagues.

Control the Ball
Hold LT to control a tricky pass as it comes to your player. This will stop the ball dead. It may sacrifice some speed but it will mean your team keep the ball.

Use the Right Stick
Flick the right stick to move into space, protect the ball or create space for a shot on goal.

Never Sprint 'Into' The Ball
Don't sprint toward a ball that's coming to you quickly. Most likely it will bounce off your player and be intercepted. Sprinting onto the ball is fine though. Take it in your stride.

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