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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 17/12/2012

FIFA 13 Tactical Tips - How To Lose Your Marker


Lose your marker in FIFA 13, fool your opponents and learn the devastating heel chop in the latest episode of The Boot Room. Darren Cross from Match Magazine also has more FIFA 13 tips!

The first tip is the Stop and Go. It's simple to do; whilst running along with your marker parallel to you, let go of sprint, hold LB, and as soon as you stop sprint in the direction you were running in again. Often this fools your opponent who isn't expecting it, buying you a couple of seconds to make your next move.

Darren's next tip is to be unpredictable. For example, if you're running down the wing with a left footed player your opponent knows is left footed, when you cut back he's going to expect you to cross that ball in with your left. Either don't cut back or cut back with your right - mix it up a little bit.

Darren's other tips include bluffing, being patient and doing nothing (well, almost nothing), and getting the defender turning.

He saves the best for last though; Darren's most devastating tip is the heel chop. Watch the video to find out how to use it!

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