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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 10/12/2012

FIFA 13 Tactical Tips - Master The Right Stick


Master the right stick in FIFA 13 for attacking, defending and performance enhancement. Select players more accurately, improve your first touch, wrong foot opponents and generally show off!

Darren Cross from Match Magazine chats to Matt Cuttle about the often-underappreciated right stick, and advises few on a ways to use it more effectively in FIFA 13. Looking specifically at attacking, Darren explains how to use it to turn your marker when your back is to goal. It's a simple trick that works well if your opponent is close to you and the ball is bouncing when it comes in.

Another great use for the right stick is using it to protect the ball. Part of the trick is to use your first touch to take the ball into space - away from where all the traffic is going and away from where all the markers are. Using this trick, you can buy yourself some space and potentially, be able to score from that.

Darren goes on to explain that there is another way to beat your marker when your back is not to the goal; combine it with the face off dribbling and it works very well.

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