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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 27/08/2013

FIFA 13 Tips | Breaking A Losing Streak | The Boot Room 27/08/2013

Welcome to The Boot Room - this week Darren Cross talks to Matt Cuttle about ways to end a losing streak.

If you find yourself on the losing side a few times in a row, make sure you play with the team you know best, that way you will know who the players in your squad are and what they can do. Also stick with a formation you are familiar with so you know where players are on the pitch without having to refer to your radar all the time. Slow the game down and be patient in defense and in attack; hold attackers up instead of diving into challenges and resist the temptation to pull players out of position in an effort to get the ball back quickly.

Keep things simple: don't risk controlling balls in your own box, always clear the ball from danger with the shoot button and don't play short passes to defenders from the keeper. When attacking, retain possession and wait for opportunities to open up. In essence, stay calm, don't rush and be patient and you should get that vital win to end your losing streak.

Join us next time on The Boot Room as we look at some more fun celebrations.