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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 7/05/2013

FIFA 13 Tips | Crossing Techniques To Score More Goals | The Boot Room 07/05/2013


This week on The Boot Room, Darren Cross from Match Magazine tells Matt Cuttle about the best ways to cross the ball into the box and score a goal. To alter cross assistance, head into the Xbox 360 controller section in the Customise FIFA menu. You can set cross assistance to manual, semi or assisted.

Press X when level to the opponent's box to perform a cross. Double tap X to perform a low cross that comes into the box quicker which is useful for getting the ball to a striker quickly. Hold LB when pressing X to perform an early cross. Triple tap X to perform a ground cross, use if you have a man unmarked in the box, otherwise you risk it being intercepted by a defender.

Join us next time on The Boot Room for tips on defending crosses.

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