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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 1/07/2013

FIFA 13 Tips | Defend Against Pace | The Boot Room 01/07/2013

Welcome to The Boot Room. This week Matt Cuttle and Darren Cross from Match Magazine discuss defending against pace in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 13.

If you find yourself up against a quick team, reduce the space between the back four and your goalkeeper. Drop your defence deeper in a number of ways. Use a custom formation with a deeper defensive line, set up a custom tactic that has your defenders play more narrow or set them to cover rather than push for offside. Drop your mentality to defensive in-game using the d-pad to bring your back four deeper.

Use teammate contain (RB) to put pressure on the player with the ball and move the player you are controlling deeper to defend against any through balls or lofted through balls over the top. Match the run of the striker and use your body to get in the way of the attacking player. Use push and pull to slow down an opponent. Don't take any risks. Clear dangerous balls instead of trying to control them and pass out of your final third. Make sure your fastest defenders are up against fast centre forwards. Sweep with the keeper if you are sure you can get to the ball in time.

Join us next time on The Boot Room for info on some more cool skill moves including the Elastico and the Sombrero.

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