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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 29/07/2013

FIFA 13 Tips | Gold Level Skill Games | The Boot Room 29/07/2013

Welcome to The Boot Room, this week Darren Cross talks to Matt Cuttle about the best way to complete the Gold Level Skill Games.

Gold Ground Pass

It’s important to line yourself up with the gates. This game is on manual passing settings. Use LB to line your player up with the gate and then time your pass to avoid the defenders.

Gold Lob Pass

Pick a point on the pitch to pass from and then add more power if the ball goes in the goal. Use less if the ball goes over the crossbar.

Gold Dribble

Use LB to slow dribble around cones. Rainbow flick over the bar (hold LT, RS left, right x2). Nudge RS through low gates. Flick up over low gates (hold LT, RS forward x3). Use LT to slow down dribble if losing control.

Gold Shooting

Hold both triggers to manually control player movement. This way you can get into good positions for holding down LT when shooting to attempt flair shots and diving headers for more points. Hold the left stick in the direction of the corners to aim for the targets.

Gold Advanced Shooting

Beat the keeper to score goals. Nudge the right stick to knock the ball past the keeper as he commits to the dive and use rainbows, roulettes and other tricks to get past him also.

Gold Crossing

Double tap or triple tap the lob pass button to cross the ball in the direction of the targets and buckets. Line your player up with the targets using LB to stop the player, then run in a straight line and double or triple tap to cross.

Gold Free Kicks

Change up your free kicks for maximum points and bring other players into action. Hold LT and tap short pass to pass under the gate and bring in the fourth man. Hold LT and tap lob pass to kick the ball over the gate. Hold RB and press B, A to run over the ball, then lay the ball off. Pick the best free kick taker at the start.

Gold Penalties

Tap shoot during the run up to stutter your run. Aim for the outer targets when the reticle is visible as this will make it easier to hit the inner targets when they become active.