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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 25/03/2013

FIFA 13 Tips - Keep A Clean Sheet


This week tips on The Boot Room, Darren Cross from Match Magazine shares FIFA 13 tips on how to keep a clean sheet.

Don't head into a game not intending to score yourself. Inviting a team to attack for the full duration of a game will more than likely lead to a goal.

4-5-1 is a good defensive formation, whilst still giving you the opportunity to score a goal on the counter attack.

Try switching to 4-5-1 formation later on in the game if you are trying to protect a lead or making sure you don't lose.

Keep your team shape. Make sure players are in the positions they are supposed to be, especially the back four! Monitor the radar to check team shape. Use teammate contain sparingly to bring an AI defender towards the ball to add pressure or win the ball back. If you see a centre back moving out to teammate contain, let go of RB and hold RB again to switch to another defender.

Hold LT when defending to manually jockey the ball. Your defender will face the ball so you can control the distance of your player and react a bit quicker than using standard movement. Press B to defend aerial balls. This way you will clear the ball out of danger. Trying to pass the ball out of the penalty area could lead to loss of possession and conceding a goal.

Join Darren and Matt next week on The Boot Room for tackling tips.

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