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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 2/09/2013

FIFA 13 Tips | More Goal Celebrations | The Boot Room 02/09/2013

Welcome The Boot Room. This week, Matt Cuttle is joined by Darren Cross to look at some more fun celebrations you can pull off when you score a goal.

Lvl 11: Dance -- Hold RB, Flick RS Down, Down

Lvl 26: Moonwalk -- Hold RB Flick RS Left, Left

Lvl 46: The Salute -- Hold RB, Y

Lvl 52: Surfer -- Hold RB, RS Left

Lvl 62: Telling Off -- Hold RT, B

Lvl 70: Water Hose -- Hold RT, Flick RS Down, Down

Lvl 80: Why Always Me -- Hold RB, Y, Y

Lvl 87: The Worm -- Hold RB + Rotate RS

Shoe Shine -- LT + B

Violinist -- LT + X

Robot -- LT + Click RS

Remember, if you want to push team mates away in order to celebrate alone, hold RT when running past other players to get into space, then activate your celebration.

Join us next time on The Boot Room as Matt takes on Darren in one final grudge match of FIFA 13.