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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY dmcdonagh ON 19/06/2013

FIFA 13 Tips | Pro Clubs Seasons Mode | The Boot Room 19/06/2013

This week on The Boot Room, Matt Cuttle and Darren Cross explore Pro Clubs Seasons mode. Pro Clubs Seasons lets you join or create a club, allowing for up to 11v11 online gameplay.

Create your Online Pro and play clubs or drop-in matches where your performance increases your attributes, appearance, and traits. Start by creating an Online Pro. Here you can give your Pro a likeness or download your game face, then select stats and attributes that suit your play style and ideal position on the pitch. Make sure you also go to the EA SPORTS Football Club catalogue to buy stat boosts for your Online Pro. You can join a friend's club, create your own, look for a club accepting transfers or play an ad-hoc game with others.

Once in the team lobby, select a position to bring your Online Pro off the bench and jump into a game. Try to stay in the correct position on the pitch and work as a team. You will get rewards and stat boosts for playing well. Just passing the ball will increase your Pro's stats.

Pro Clubs Seasons mode is a very different way to play. It's very rewarding even when you just complete a simple pass. You can also celebrate together when your team scores a goal!

Join us next time on The Boot Room for detailed tips on defending against pace.

FIFA 13 is availble to buy now on Origin for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC.