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boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 5/08/2014

EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Tips | Creating Shooting Space | The Boot Room

Darren Cross from Match Magazine looks at ways you can create shooting space in EA SPORTS FIFA 14.

Try the push back if you need an extra yard of shooting space. As your striker receives the ball, nudge it back in the direction it came with your first touch and shoot with your second. It’s most effective when facing or side-on to the goal.

Perform a weak foot turn to mislead an opponent that thinks they have anticipated your movement. Change direction just before shooting to leave your marker stranded and hit first time with your weak foot. It’s made more effective by using a player with a high weak foot ability.

Use your opponent’s momentum against them with the fake shot stop and go. Perform the fake shot move (shoot then short pass) while releasing LS to stop dead. Wait for your marker to run past then take a shot or continue your run into space.

Finally, try a heel chop if you need to cut inside of your marker. Hold LT and perform a fake shot to do the move, while pointing LS in the direction you want to go.

Join Matt and Darren next time where they will be taking a look at how to create space to shoot.