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fifa-15-ftw-BPL.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS News ON 18/08/2014

EA SPORTS FIFA 15 | Barclays Premier League Features | FTW August 2014

Thanks to EA SPORTS extended licensing agreement with the Barclays Premier League, EA SPORTS FIFA 15 will be more authentic than ever. Senior Producer Nick Channon gives us all the match facts.

Matt Cuttle: Nick, the Barclays Premier League is upon us and I believe you have some exciting new features in EA SPORTS FIFA 15 with it.
Nick Channon:
We're really excited. For the very first time we've captured all 20 stadiums in the Premier League, we've been out to every single club and captured all the heads for all the major teams. We've also got the Authentic Broadcast Overlays, a lot more commentary to add depth to the feeling and emotion with our game.

Matt Cuttle: So how do you go about capturing all the stadiums?: Nick Channon: We had 8 in the game already, so we're adding another 12 and we're using technology now where we're starting to scan stadiums so we can a lot more detail but also we can be a lot more accurate with what we're doing. Then obviously we get access to the teams, so we go up to the training grounds, we actually take photos of every player all the way around their heads to capture every possible detail.

Matt Cuttle: So for the first in The World Cup we saw Goal Line Technology being used, are we going to see it in FIFA 15? Nick Channon:: Yes. That's part of the same package. Within the Premier League you'll see the Goal Decision Technology, it will also appear in any other league that is using it in the coming year, we want FIFA 15 to be as authentic as possible. So yeah, it's cool, you know, you get anything that's close to the line and if there's a decision that's very borderline, you'll see the decision system come up and you'll be left in no doubt.

Matt Cuttle: And I guess all the transfers are going to be in there and everything's going to be up to date when the game releases in September? Nick Channon:: We obviously ship the game as up to date as we can but any transfer that happens is update through the Match Day updates. You got the latest form of the players, you've got the latest form of the players and the starting 11, which is constantly updated within our game and this year will be no different. We want the game to be as authentic as possible, as I say we're bringing in all the new content for the Premier League but also making sure that all the teams for all the leagues are as up to date as possible.