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GC2013-Home-News-Full-uk.jpg POSTED BY dmcdonagh ON 2/09/2013

gamescom 2013 Community Retrospective | Vikki From GGS Gamer Talks Battlefield 4

Vikki Blake from, part of the gamescom 2013 community team, got hands on with Battlefield 4 and discusses the games' Obliteration and Domination Modes.

I – and the rest of the team - have already talked at length about Battlefield 4, so I’ll spare you the repetition. However, I will confirm that whilst the second of the two modes I sampled – Obliteration - didn’t excite me as much my first hands-on with Domination, Battlefield 4 is already shaping up to be this year’s most enjoyable and solid FPS experience.

I’m not the world’s most natural Battlefield player. Whilst I do frequently play FPSs, I’ve always found the Battlefield franchise just a little too overwhelming for my oh-so-average combat skills. So whilst Obliteration requires all the cold, calm, combat-savvy tactics we’ve come to associate with BF3’s magnificent co-op modes, I found Domination’s tight maps – and even tighter combat – so much more suited to my own gameplay style. Fast and frenetic, it was everything I love about shooters and more. My only disappointment was that I didn’t get more hands-on time!

Whilst I allowed myself to be overwhelmed by Battlefield 3’s expansive maps, I’m determined to invest some serious time into Battlefield 4. After all: if any Battlefield title can convert me, it’s going to be Battlefield 4 … even if I am the only person in the room rocking a gamepad!



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