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gamescom 2013 Community Retrospective | Vikki From GGS Gamer Experiences Titanfall Gameplay

Vikki Blake from, part of the gamescom 2013 community team, got to grips with Titanfall and talks warfare, movement and other aspects of gamplay.

Did you listen to our podcasts? I know. Shameless, weren’t we? It would be easy to assume we’re merely blowing smoke up EA’s backside but the truth is, not one of us was exaggerating. Sure, it’s early days and yes, we’re talking about an early demo of an early build. But believe me: Titanfall was my undisputed Game of Gamescom. If I hadn’t already had an Xbox One on the way, I’d be pre-ordering it for this. THAT IS HOW GOOD IT IS!

My reason? Gameplay. It’s been some time since I’ve experienced a game that so successfully weaves tight, meaty warfare with fluidity of movement. Whilst loadouts for both mechs and pilots alike are pretty standard fare (Main Battle/Heavy Weapon/High Explosive and Assault/Tactical/CQ respectively), it’s how you’re able to deploy these skillsets that really stands Titanfall apart from similar titles.

Whist it’s tempting to assume that the Atlas’ will move with the slow, sluggish force we’ve come to expect with in-game mechs, in Titanfall things are a little different. Atlas’ move with surprising speed, able to navigate quickly around the map, even capable of dashing and jumping short distances. Remarkably, they don’t feel overpowered either; sure, their weaponry is solid and – on occasion – fatal, but your humanoid Pilots move so swiftly (think Mirror’s Edge meets Battlefield and you’re sort of in the right place), it’s easier than you might think to duck away and find somewhere quiet to recover.

The highly excitable trailer told us (repeatedly) that Titanfall pilots have abilities that normal soldiers do not, and they weren’t kidding; parkour-esque jumps from building to building means you’ll rarely feel far from the action, enabling you to move quickly and confidently to pick off your opponents. Best of all, it takes next to no time to get going – the control scheme is as smooth as it is brilliantly intuitive.

This is the one to watch, friends. You’re going to love it.



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