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gc2012-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 15/08/2012

GamesCom 2012 Community Reporter Diary: Day One

It’s day one of Dan Bendon's trip to Gamesom with EA and the 2012 Community Team and here’s what he got up to.

Day One, and there was tons on show here and we cover a good deal of it in the daily podcast that will be posted shortly.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted seems to be a huge return to what everyone loved about Burnout Paradise. A huge open world, driving like a crazed idiot to build boost that will let you push the crazy even further. Some standout feature are the full integration of the newly revamped AutoLog 2, dropping stats and leaderboards right into your hud at every challenge point on the map. A nice touch being that the friend at the top of each billboard jump leaderboard will have their face plastered across that billboard inciting you to to smash their record, and the photo, to bits.

Battlefield 3 is getting a Premium Edition retail release consisting of the game, a Premium membership giving you access to all current and future DLC and some added extras to help you catch up in the game, which is likely to be weapon and equipment unlocks. This is perfect for me as I’m aching to get back into the game but can’t find my copy. So if you’ve been holding back on joining our weekly matches this could be perfect for you too.

Crysis 3 Hunter mode will be covered in our podcast where we will be piling on mounds of speculation, suffice it to say it looks like it should be a huge amount of fun and we’ll be doing our best to get some hands on with it over the next few days and then solid details will be incoming.

Dan Bendon

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