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pwned-new-masters-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 23/11/2012

EA Games on Wii U Revealed | Mass Effect 3: Special Edition, FIFA 13 | PWNED November 2012


At a recent showcase, Matt and Sian were able to get their hands on a few of the upcoming titles for Nintendo's brand new console, the Wii U.

Sian had a closer look at Mass Effect 3: Special Edition for the Wii U and spoke to external producer Melanie Faulknor, who talked us through a couple of the Wii U's unique features.

Plus, with the Genesis 2 interactive comic by dark horse on the Wii U disc, even newcomers to the Mass Effect universe will be brought instantly up to date on the epic story.

Matt talked with FIFA 13 producer Matthew Prior and asked what innovations the Wii U brought to the ultimate football game.

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