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spawnpoint-master-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 18/06/2012

Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Battlefield
| SpawnPoint 08


On this week's Spawnpoint, Julia Hardy finds a new, very creative use for your humble table salt, checks out all the latest Mass Effect and Dragon Age fan-art, and sees how some fans took virtual reality one step further with a Battlefield 3 real life conquest. She also fights like a krogan, runs like a leopard, but let's be honest, she'll never be better than Commander Shepard... Don't feel too bad Jules, those are some mighty big space boots to fill.

The Promise by Ma-Rin [deviantART]

N7 Colours by Muju [deviantART]

Shepard by Conleysdoodles [Photobucket]

Art With Salt - Mass Effect 3 by bashirsultani [YouTube]

Dragon Age: Rising by Darantha [devaintART]

9 by GiveThemHorns [deviantART]

Battlefield 3: Conquest in Real Life by ThereIsaCanal [YouTube]

Battlefield 3 Cinematic: Damavand Danger by TheRoyalVegas [YouTube]

Commander Shepard by Miracle of Sound [YouTube]

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