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spawnpoint-master-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 28/05/2012

Medal of Honor Warfighter, Crysis, Mirror's Edge, Battlefield, Mass Effect | SpawnPoint 05


Sian Welby enters the den to take another look into the weird, wired world of EA fan-created content.

This time around we find a Russian who's more than handy with C4 in Battlefield 3 and get down and dirty with some BF3 dubstep and rap tracks, we take a look at what happens when Mass Effect 3's reapers get their synthetic hands on all the alien races and we get homely with some Crysis 3 knitwear.

Don't forget, SpawnPoint is Commander Shepard's favourite show on the Citadel!

Mass Effect 3 Reaperfied versions of the other races by Dunechampion [BioWare Social Network]

Medal of Honor Warfighter by Higgie-Baby [deviantART]

Crysis 3 Teaser by R-Clifford [deviantART]

Dragon Age Mage of the Circle by RottenRagamuffins [deviantART]

Battlefield 3 CAMPERS MUST DIE #2 by Russkhof [SoundCloud]

Solomon`s Theme (Battlefield 3 Soundtrack) by TheInstrumentalCore [deviantART]

Battlefield 3 Song by Miami Rize [SoundCloud]

A Mass Effect Cake! by BeanieBat [BioWare Social Network]

A Crysis jumper! by Burak Gülkan [Facebook]

The Army of One - Faith (Mirror's Edge) by SavageLandPictures [deviantART]

Dragon Lady in a Bad Mood by AmazonMandy [deviantART]

Mine Effect 3 (Minecraft and Mass Effect 3 Mashup) by avemagnadude [YouTube]

Vorcha ft. ManShep - Gavorn's Tricks DJHarbringer [YouTube

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