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Medal-Of-Honor-master-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 4/10/2012

Medal of Honor Warfighter: Danger Up Close!


Our talented team of developers in Los Angeles and Burnaby have been working for over a year on the driving experience in Medal of Honor Warfighter, culminating in today’s first ever reveal of the Car Chase Trailer.

For the driving experience in Warfighter, we wanted to bring something to the table that was above and beyond what you expect in other FPS games. We wanted to go behind a rail ride to bring an immersive driving experience that would rival what you would get in an actual racing/driving game. Put the player behind the wheel, and give them that experience within the context of Warfighter’s narrative.

We also relished the opportunity to visit locations that gamers would typically not get to drive in other games: diverse locations such as the utter chaos of Karachi, Pakistan versus the clean luxury hinted at in the trailer. The frenetic paces of Karachi as you’re led around tight corners, through dirty slums without actual roads, and swerving through hectic traffic. It really feels like ‘at all costs’. Watch the trailer for more of what’s to come!

Many people on our team have worked on the Need for Speed franchise, so we brought a good understanding of what elements of driving feel good – where to aim for sim, where to be arcade - and Warfighter gave us the unique opportunity to explore these elements outside of the racing genre.

We also appreciate the simple and intuitive driving in Battlefield, and designed the system to balance between challenging and accessible. Creating the unique driving experience of Warfighter was a thrill, and both Racing and Shooter fans should get a find the experience of Warfighter extremely satisfying.

We sincerely hope you all enjoy the game and the driving experiences within.
Jordan Watt
Game Designer
Medal of Honor Warfighter

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