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naming.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 13/07/2012

Medal Of Honor Warfighter Name A Multiplayer Mode Challenge

The Danger Close team is looking to the community to decide the name of our new Sport mode! Think you have a good name? Head over to Medal of Honor Warfighter Facebook app. Read the mode Mission Statement from Multiplayer Lead Kristoffer Bergqvist.

Mission Statement from Creative Director, Kristoffer Bergqvist
The mode dubbed “Sport” was one of the first game modes we started to prototype. The idea was to create an arena for the players who were searching for the most competitive type of gameplay—an arena that fit traditional clan structures well. We knew that we wanted a game mode that was as rewarding to play as it was exciting to watch. Quick rounds with no respawn abilities were established early, and getting the national flags to be a central part of gameplay was a given once we saw the overwhelming response to the Global Tier 1 concept.

The end result is an explosive game mode with the attacking team trying to force its way through narrow choke-points in hope of grabbing one of the two flags set on the defenders’ side, then bringing it back to the starting area. The majority of the combat happens at the beginning of the round while the attackers are fighting to cross the defensive lines. If the defenders fail and let the attack through, they’ll need to switch tactics when closing in on the attackers’ escape routes. Fail a second time and they’ll lose that round.

The attackers, on the other hand, need to focus on either slamming through one choke-point or splitting up the defending team using diversion tactics. Stick close to your Fire Team buddy and coordinate the attack to break through the defensive perimeters! Our vision is to create a tense, violent, and addictive game mode—one that makes its way onto the E-Sports scene and takes the Medal of Honor franchise to the next level of competitive warfare.

Looking forward to competing against you all out there!

Kristoffer Bergqvist

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