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Medal-Of-Honor-master-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 7/06/2012

Medal of Honor Warfighter Task Force Atlas

It’s been a very busy week for Danger Close but they wanted to take a moment to talk about the fourth and final unit patch for Medal of Honor.

So without further delay, they're proud to introduce TASK FORCE ATLAS!

Task Force Atlas is the ultimate collaboration of global Tier 1 units. Representing a multi-national Special Operations Task Force comprised of twelve different Tier 1 units from 10 different nations, Task Force Atlas was created for the purpose of joint training to increase interoperability between these elite units to gain knowledge, skills and experience in planning and leading allied Special Operations.

In the modern landscape, every major country recognises the need for a Special Operations Force that can complete tasks not suited for a traditional military unit. Task Force Atlas represents an evolution of that thinking to promote greater cohesion and maximum impact across global units to further develop SOF capabilities, combat readiness and the ability to prepare, plan and conduct a full spectrum of SOF specific missions.

While Task Force Atlas is the preeminent force in Multiplayer, it will also be in the spotlight in one of the Single Player missions in Warfighter where Voodoo, Stump and the boys from Mako team up with the Polish GROM to snatch and grab the source of the PETN on the Balkan Peninsula.

So head over to London Bridge Trading to pick up the Task Force Atlas unit patch. 100% of the proceeds go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the Navy SEAL Foundation and The Tommy V Challenge.

Greg Goodrich
Executive Producer
Medal of Honor

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