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Medal-Of-Honor-master-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 28/05/2012

Medal Of Honor Warfighter Ask A TIER 1 One: Questions Answered

Last week, we presented you the opportunity to ask your questions to one of the former Tier 1 Operators working on Medal of Honor Warfighter. The response was enormous. We collected hundreds of questions and the Operator selected 3 questions to answer for this round.

Question: Have you ever done a joint operation with another country?
Tier 1 Operator: Yes, in training and in combat. In training I have worked with many many countries, honestly, too many to list. It is quite normal for Special Operations Forces to train together. As far as in combat, I have done operations with the British SAS, British SBS, Polish GROM, Canadian JTF-2, and the Australian SAS-R in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.

Question: What is your preferred sidearm and primary weapon?
Tier 1 Operator: Weapons are ultimately tools and you use different tools for different jobs and tasks. So my preferred sidearm and primary would change depending on what I was doing, where I was at, and many different variables. That being said, I'll give you my standards that I use very often and are kind of my “go to(s)". For sidearm, I preferred the Glock 22.

The Glock can take any kind of punishment and is still super reliable. It also has a high magazine capacity and a safety that is built into the trigger so it is very quick to draw and engage targets. In .40 caliber configuration, it is an all around great handgun. Also of note: with a barrel and magazine change, the .40 cal Glock can shoot 9mm which is great if the only ammo readily available is 9mm. For my Primary, I really liked the HK 416 for my shorter assault style rifle or a 7.62 AR like the LaRue OBR.

The HK is very compact, allowing me to maneuver in a close quarters environment smoothly and efficiently while still allowing me to engage targets out to about 500m. The OBR in 7.62 allows me to really reach out and touch someone out to about 800+ meters. In a close range environment it gives me a serious man stopping round that can also penetrate walls, engine blocks, car doors, or anything else that a 5.56 round in the HK can't do. So between the three of those weapons I could do most things and therefore those would be my selections off hand unless I had a specific mission/role.

Question: Besides your weapons, what was the most important set of gear you had?
Tier 1 Operator: This is a good question and like all good questions it is difficult to answer. I thought a lot about it and obviously all your gear is important for different things and at different times. But I think the most important thing other than weapons is your assault vest/body army/load bearing equipment/plate carrier or whatever "kit" you're wearing.

The reason I say that is because that system from how it is set up, what it consists of, and how efficiently you utilise it is absolutely critical to your combat effectiveness. Where your gear is on you and how efficiently you can interface with it is technically more important than the gear itself. How important is a grenade if you can't get to it when you need it?

So to summarise, ALL your gear is important: magazines, radio, signaling devices, grenades, flashbangs, breaching charges, etc. But the gear that allows you to carry and interface with these things I say is more important and that is why I personally spend a LOT of time and thought into that set up and test it in multiple situations and circumstances to make sure it is as efficient and effective as possible.

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