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need_for_speed_most_wanted_news_header_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 3/10/2012

Need For Speed Most Wanted - Meet The Incredicle BAC Mono

BAC’s incredible Mono is an F1-inspired sci-fi masterpiece. The stats are impressive. A 280 horsepower 4-pot Cosworth engine cranks out 207 lb/ft of torque on a car that weighs just 540 kilos.

That’ll give you a hypercar-thrashing 520 horsepower-per-ton that’ll boot you to 60 in 2.8 seconds and cap out at 170 miles per hour in Need For Speed Most Wanted.

The single-seat driving position and super-aggressive Hewland shifters deliver turn-on-a-dime, track handling in a tasty road-going package. So far, so fantastic, but what the Mono also brings to the party is show-stopping sci-fi looks.

The light clusters, exposed raw mechanics and robotic, gloss-white casing and hard, angular lines remind us of Mass Effect’s SSV Normandy. In Most Wanted you can run rings around Fairhaven City cops and your friends, but stay sharp. A single impact on the car from heavier, more robust opposition (that’s pretty much any other car in the game) will take the Mono out for good.

Our only recommendations for improvement? Javelin Disruptor Torpedoes, Palladium Cyclonic Shielding and Antiproton thrusters, of course.

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