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need_for_speed_most_wanted_news_header_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 11/10/2012

Need For Speed Most Wanted - Be Most Wanted on iOS and Android

Did you know, we’re making a Most Wanted for your phone?

Our friends down in Melbourne, Australia have been grafting it on a game for Apple and Android phones and tablets that’ll cherry-pick the best moments from Most Wanted and crowbar them onto everybody’s favourite touch and tilt devices.

That means tilt control, instant action, all your favourite cars, great online play and amazing connected features.

Oh, and absolutely mind-blowing graphics. I can’t believe we’re looking at screenshots here from a device that fits in your pocket.

The guys from Firemonkeys are on the job, and these guys aren’t messing around. The studio includes teams that already nailed driving with the Real Racing series and knocked it out of the park with their spectacular phone version of Hot Pursuit. We’re excited, and you should be too. And we know they love Need for Speed, because this is their office:

And the coolest part? Everything you do in the game will earn you Speed Points. Earn more than your friends to become the Most Wanted, and because everything’s linked via EA’s Origin, you can compete across platforms. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or iOS, you always earning and always competing.

The only issue? Grinning like a nutcase after sticking it to the cops or your friends on the bus to work.

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