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e3-NFSR-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 25/06/2013

Need for Speed™ Rivals | All-Drive, High-Stakes Rivalry And Next-Gen Racing | FTW June 2013

In this latest FTW interview, Need for Speed Rivals producer at Ghost Gothenburg - Leanne Loombe, talks to Stephanie Prentice about the latest game in the Need for Speed franchise. Leanne talks All-Drive, High-Stakes Rivalry, Next-Gen Racing, car customisation, personalisation for the players, seamless integration between single player and multiplayer and whether fans will eventually get to play a new Need for Speed Underground game.

Hi Leanne, what do you feel this game is offering fans that perhaps they haven't had before from the Need for Speed franchise?
So Need for Speed Rivals is about the rivalry between the cops and the racers. So you can plat the gamE as a cop or a racer and they're completely different progressions so it's different from Hot Pursuit, you can actually play the game differently depending on what side you choose an then the biggest innovation we've got in Rivals is what we call All-Drive. We're destroying the lines between single player and multiplayer.

So obviously to enjoy these new features you have to be online, there's been a bit of controversy here at E3 about that. What's your response to that?
Well, you can actually experience All-Drive offline as well so it's exactly the same experience offline and online, the only difference is that you will use All-DRive with AI rather than human players.

We were discussing earlier about how your fans are always calling out for...

What have you done to keep them happy this time around?
So, Need for Speed Rivals has some personalisation inside the game which we'll take more about at a later date. But there will be some form of personalisation for the players.

Will the series ever re-visit Need for Speed Underground?
Well I can't really talk about that right now. We're working on Need for Speed Rivals at the moment and that's what we're really focussed on.

The fans keep on pushing for it. Will you eventually give in?
We'll have to see!

Need for Speed Rivals is available for pre-order now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


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