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peggle-news-origin.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 18/06/2014

Get Peggle For Free On PC And Mac

The classic ball-dropping action puzzler Peggle is now completely free on Origin, for a limited time. It’s On the House, our way of making sure you have great PC games to play whenever you want.

Here’s how it works: Go to the On the House page, click "Get it Now" on the handy Peggle artwork, follow the easy, well-written directions (you’ll need to log into your Origin account, for example), and a few clicks later, you’re the proud owner of Peggle. And you can download it any time you want, because you own it. It's yours to keep.

Peggle is an absolutely timeless and classic design where one drop of a ball can bring an ode to joy. Literally. Knock out the colored pegs and score points, the victorious sounds of Beethoven celebrating the successful end of a level. That thrill is incomparable.

And if you’ve already been enjoying Peggle on your PC or Mac, you’ve got another Pop Cap classic game to play for free: Plants vs. Zombies is also On the House. Just add it and you own it. Then download and play it! See? Didn’t cost you a thing.

There’s more to come with On the House. Keep watching this space and you’ll be the first to know the next game you’ll get for free on Origin.