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simcity-news-updated.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 4/03/2013

SimCity Is Back

Welcome to SimCity! My name is Kip Katsarelis and I’m the Senior Producer on SimCity. I’ve had the pleasure of working on one of the most historic franchises in the games industry; one that’s been close to all of our hearts here at the Maxis studio. I played the original SimCity on my parents’ computer for hours on end. It was then I discovered that games were more than just entertainment; they could teach you a bit about the real world. From then on, I always looked at the cities I lived in or places I visited a little differently. Over the years I was continually pulled back to the game I fell in love with as a boy, from the charm of SimCity 2000, to the added complexity of SimCity 3000, and the God-like powers of SimCity 4. Maxis developed tools to turn dreams into reality, to inspire artists, Mayors, and architects across the world. It was this game that eventually motivated me to get into the games industry and join Maxis. This week we are offering you the next groundbreaking chapter in the SimCity saga, and look forward to seeing you make your own memories…

This is a new SimCity that offers a deeper, richer game than ever before, with the new GlassBox engine driving the most authentic simulation you will ever see. We have created a model-like world that makes you want to reach in, poke, prod, tinker and destroy. We have put the simulation right in front of you so you can see the consequences of your actions and really dig in to see how the systems work. This new SimCity has been built from the ground up to be an online experience with a new Multi-City feature, which adds an epic scale to city planning, as your decisions impact both your city and your region. Multiplayer gives you a completely new way to experience SimCity, offering new ways to play with friends. Build a region of cities together, compete on leaderboards and stay connected through CityLog. SimCity is a Live Service. Maxis will continue to create new Challenges and Achievements, improve features, and support our community 24/7 worldwide.

On behalf of Maxis Studio, we thank you for welcoming back SimCity. We thank you for your curiosity, your imagination, your passion for games that push the impossible and challenge us mentally. Enjoy, Mayors – SimCity is back!

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