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simcity-news-updated.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 31/01/2013

SimCity For Apple Mac FAQ

Update for all our Apple Mayors - SimCity for the Mac is releasing. For more information, please read our official FAQ below.

Q: When will the Mac version be available?
SimCity for Mac will be available in Spring 2013.

Q: Why is the Mac port launching later?
This isn’t a Mac port, but a full native version that runs on the Mac OS. Because of this, we want to take the time to ensure that Mac fans will get a version worthy of their platform.

Q: How will users purchase the Mac version?
You will be able to pre-order SimCity for Mac soon. Stay tuned for more information.

Q: Will the Mac version be available at retail?
The Mac version will only be available as a digital download.

Q: Will the Digital Deluxe version be available for Mac?
Yes. You will be able to purchase the standard, Limited Edition and Digital Deluxe versions for Mac.

Q: Does SimCity support cross-platform play between PC and Mac users?
Yes. Everyone is playing together on the same servers. That means PC and Mac users will be building the world of tomorrow, together.

Q: Will PC and Mac users be able to play with one another?

Q: Will Mac players be part of the same SimCity World as PC players, or will they be separated?
Yes, Mac players and PC players will be part of the same world.

Q: What system specs are you targeting with the Mac version?
Like the PC version, we are aiming to make the game as accessible as possible. Any user with Snow Leopard and a Core 2 processor will be able to enjoy SimCity for Mac.

Q: Will the Mac version have any advantages or additions over the PC version?
The Mac version will have the same features as the PC version.

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