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simcity-news-updated.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 2/04/2013

SimCity - Build the Best: University City

Last week, we issued a challenge that took a bit of brain power. We asked you to build us the best University City. Our community of Mayors studied their city strategies and built some beautiful Universities that more than passed the test.

We selected the best ones and showcased them on our virtual refrigerator (aka our official SimCity Facebook fan page) for all of you to vote on your favourite educational enclaves.

And the winner is… Mayor Riccardo Coratella!

Congrats, Riccardo – your University City makes the grade.

Want to be showcased in our next Build the Best blog? All you have to do is enter our next Build the Best contest. Next challenge: Build the Best Oil City. To submit your cities, either e-mail them to with the subject line “Build the Best” or tweet your pics to @SimCity with the hashtag #SimCityBTB.

Start drilling for oil, Mayors!

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