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simcity-news-updated.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 11/12/2012

SimCity: Gameplay Strategy #2 Casino City

SimCity gameplay always builds excitement. That’s why we’re back with another in-depth strategy video narrated by Lead Designer Stone Librande If you remember his first gameplay strategy video, Stone started a city from scratch with a goal of cashing in big by creating a casino empire.

Now Stone is back, and this time, his gamble has paid off. Below you’ll see how Stone transformed his beginning city into a tourist haven filled with glitz, glamour, and lots of eye-blinding neon lights. But he didn’t do this all alone. Multi-city play is one of the key strategies of playing the new SimCity, and Stone’s video really showcases the benefits of collaborating with neighboring cities in a region. Like, for instance, Stone claims a new city in the region to provide extra power to his casino city, giving him more room to build lavish attractions and avoid all that nasty air pollution. He even receives some help from neighbouring fire trucks after he decides to… well, we’ll let you watch and find out.

But this video is only a small taste of what Multi-City Play has to offer. We’ll show you a lot more in our next video when Stone works with other cities to complete a Great Work that benefits the entire region. But for now, enjoy our second Gameplay Strategy Video.


Now that you’ve seen Stone’s strategy for building a casino city, how will you decide what city YOU want to build? Let us know in the comments.

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