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simcity-news-updated.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 27/11/2012

Poke, Prod, and Tinker With The New SimCity


Watch Maxis Creative Director Ocean Quigley's Producer Diary to discover what it's like to poke, prod, and tinker with the new SimCity.

Much of the success of your city will depend on good urban planning. Factories won’t open on time if Sims can’t get to work because of heavy traffic. If there aren’t enough fire stations to go around, a meaningless spark may burn your city to the ground. Without a strong police force your city could be full of abandoned slums and unhappy Sims. You could also operate too many public services and run out of money! New data layers project the status of water, electricity, pollution, health and more in your city, letting you instantly where improvements are needed. No charts or graphs necessary!

Through SimCity’s new model-like aesthetic and advanced GlassBox simulation engine, building a small town or thriving city is more tactile and intuitive than ever before. Just click and drag to draw new roads including fan requested curvy roads. Drag again to designate industrial, commercial or residential zones and watch your Sims construct buildings then move in. Drop in a water tower or power station and see the lights come on in your Sims’ homes and businesses. With a click of the mouse you can shape and mold the physical world in which your Sims live, work, and play.


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